Welcome to Dream Cake Boutique! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela and I am a young cake artist and baker. I am also the owner of Dream Cake Boutique, an intimate bakeshop that offers unique wedding cakes, grooms cakes and celebration cakes. I love to design contemporary cakes and I especially love trying designs that I’ve never tried before. I’ve always dreamed of having my own cake/bakery business and am very excited to be on my way.

I started Dream Cake a few years back and just as things were beginning to take off, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to shelf my KitchenAid. After finishing up chemo, I was offered a job in the Caribbean – who wouldn’t want to live and work in the Caribbean? So, after getting my fill of beaches and hot sun, I realized that my true passion was baking and cake decorating. So here I am, reestablishing my business (and soooo happy to be doing so).
While I am working hard to make Dream Cake Boutique a success, I’ll use this blog to document my journey, chronicles of the daily goings-on, and will include lots of recipes and other random stuff.
I hope that you like it!

If you have any questions or are interested in ordering a cake or cookies, you can contact me.

Thanks for stopping in!

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