Can You Do Simple?

This week’s cake request was for a simple, but elegant wedding cake. I’ve always had a problem with “simple.” Even as a kid in school, when I’d have a science project… my mother would always ask me to keep it simple, but of course I always went overboard. For instance, the assignment was to make a solar system. My mother thought that we could simply buy Styrofoam, make the earth and other planets, paint them and use wire to place them around the sun. My idea was to add light, make the planets actually orbit around the sun, include the moons and add an asteroid. Needless to say, although I thought this wedding cake was BEAUTIFUL, it was hard for me not to add flowers and other decorations on each tier.

Simple Wedding Cake 3

Speaking of flowers, the flowers on this cake was to replicate the flowers in the wedding bouquet. I was really proud of myself on this one…

edible flowers

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