Cake Menu

Southern Belle – Scrumptious, Red Velvet cake smothered in cream cheese frosting
Coconut Bliss – Sweet coconut cake with cream cheese frosting, generously sprinkled with luscious coconut flakes
Strawberry Shortcake – Layers of moist strawberry/vanilla cake, topped with a layer of strawberry buttercream
Chunky Carrot Supreme – Two moist layers of carrot cake engulfed in rich, silky soft, cream cheese frosting
Baileys Irish Cream Cake – A rich, yellow cake, filled and frosted with a light, delicious Irish Cream buttercream
Lemon Almond Cake – Light, white almond cake, filled with lemon mousse, frosted with almond buttercream
Amaretto Cake – A bright, Amaretto cake, filled with Amaretto cream filling and frosted with a light, almond buttercream
Vanilla Bean Cake – Two layers of vanilla cake, filled and frosted with a luscious vanilla bean buttercream
Chocolate Velvet – Chocolate cake with a velvety bittersweet buttercream
Butter Pecan – Pecan cake with butter rum frosting, sprinkled with pecans
White and Silky – A simple and elegant, delicious butter sponge cake with cream custard
Mocha Madness – Two layers of mocha cake, filled and frosted with mocha buttercream.
And so much more…

We offer a selection of mouth-watering, tempting and spectacular cakes. Cakes that look great and taste even better.

Placing an order is easy, just give us a call and tell us how many people you’re serving and we’ll suggest several sizes from which to choose. Or simply fill out our cake request form and we’ll contact you.