Going Away Cake

This cake was one that was especially important to me. It was for a friend that I’ve known for close to 20 years. The company she worked for closed down and she made the decision to move over 500 miles away to NY, where employment would hopefully be more plentiful. It was a bittersweet day, as I knew that she was doing what was best for her, but at the same time, I knew her presence would be missed.

Her church gave her a going away party and I decided to make her a suitcase cake. The cake was sitting on the head table. I was so delighted when I heard someone ask, “why did they decide to give her green luggage?” He actually thought that my cake was a piece of luggage!!! My friend said that she wondered the same thing as she walked by the table.

Suitcase 2

This was the first time that I actually attended an event that I’d made the cake for, so it was great to hear all of the positive and wonderful comments that my cake received.

Cake cutting

This cake was a vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling.

Suitcase 3

Introducing Myself

I figured it was time for me to go around my town and a few of the nearby towns and introduce myself… to let everyone know that Dream Cake Boutique is back and ready to bake. So I baked up three flavors of cupcakes – Triple Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling, Red Velvet and White Cake with a tangy, but sweet lemon filling. I put each cupcake in a clear box, wrapped it in a ribbon and stuck one of my business cards to the top of the box.

I introduced and met the florists, wedding planners, photographers and a few of their customers. I met some really great people, many who had no idea that Dream Cake Boutique even existed. I was told that the closest cake decorator was over an hour away… So I’m very happy that I took the time to go around and introduce myself.

What a GREAT day!!!

Can You Do Simple?

This week’s cake request was for a simple, but elegant wedding cake. I’ve always had a problem with “simple.” Even as a kid in school, when I’d have a science project… my mother would always ask me to keep it simple, but of course I always went overboard. For instance, the assignment was to make a solar system. My mother thought that we could simply buy Styrofoam, make the earth and other planets, paint them and use wire to place them around the sun. My idea was to add light, make the planets actually orbit around the sun, include the moons and add an asteroid. Needless to say, although I thought this wedding cake was BEAUTIFUL, it was hard for me not to add flowers and other decorations on each tier.

Simple Wedding Cake 3

Speaking of flowers, the flowers on this cake was to replicate the flowers in the wedding bouquet. I was really proud of myself on this one…

edible flowers

Tea Party Cupcakes

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet a customer and her soon to be five year old daughter Savannah. Savannah was super excited about her upcoming birthday party, as she told me that it was going to be a tea party. Her mother explained that she’d received a tea set for Christmas and hasn’t put it down since. Savannah told me that all her friends were going to dress up and come to her house for a tea party and opened her little purse and showed me her miniature teapot. Such a CUTE little girl!!! She knew exactly what she wanted… cupcakes with a teapot, tea cup and dessert. I told her that I would make it happen and the smile on her face melted my heart.
A few days later, I was fast at work making miniature teapots.

Tea Party Cupcake 2

Tea Party pitcher

All About Cupcakes

Whooo, this was such a busy weekend! I received an order for 100 wedding cupcakes, 100 pink birthday cupcakes and a cake for a baby shower. It was a lot, but I pulled it off… triple chocolate cupcakes – chocolate cake with a creamy chocolate mousse filling, topped with chocolate ganache, red velvet cupcakes – filled with tasty cream cheese frosting and the baby shower cake was a white cake with a tangy, but sweet lemon filling. Now, it’s time to relax and get ready for next week’s cake and boy is it a doosey!


Welcome to Dream Cake Boutique! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela and I am a young cake artist and baker. I am also the owner of Dream Cake Boutique, an intimate bakeshop that offers unique wedding cakes, grooms cakes and celebration cakes. I love to design contemporary cakes and I especially love trying designs that I’ve never tried before. I’ve always dreamed of having my own cake/bakery business and am very excited to be on my way.

I started Dream Cake a few years back and just as things were beginning to take off, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to shelf my KitchenAid. After finishing up chemo, I was offered a job in the Caribbean – who wouldn’t want to live and work in the Caribbean? So, after getting my fill of beaches and hot sun, I realized that my true passion was baking and cake decorating. So here I am, reestablishing my business (and soooo happy to be doing so).
While I am working hard to make Dream Cake Boutique a success, I’ll use this blog to document my journey, chronicles of the daily goings-on, and will include lots of recipes and other random stuff.
I hope that you like it!

If you have any questions or are interested in ordering a cake or cookies, you can contact me.

Thanks for stopping in!